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LANDLUFT - Folk Music at its Best

Landluft (Fresh Country Air) is far more than Styrian World Music: It’s natively and naturally grown with no synthetic additives, guaranteed. Coming from the most diverse branches of music, these traditionally conscious gentlemen know how to fuse together cultural idiosyncrasies and innovation.

Landluft:  (© Moro)

The music in Landluft represents a perfect fusion of each musician’s unique experience. The traditions of the Alpine region are mixed with the Mediterranean zest for life and garnished with elements of jazz and blues, while folk music joins hands with the Balkans. The result is a unified whole with its unique arrangements and instrumentation creating something entirely new.

Oliver Podesser: vocals, flutes, mandolin, guitars
Martin Burböck: vocals, diatonic accordion, guitars
Wolfram Derschmidt: vocals, double bass
Martin Moro: guitars, mandolin, whistles, various stringed instruments, various percussion instruments


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