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The meeting of two guitar worlds

Mario Berger is THE guitar poster child for Austria. He unquestionably belongs to the top league of guitarists. Not only has he played for Rainhard Fendrich, Wolfgang Ambros, Georg Danzer, just to name a few, thereby musically shaping the music sector we call “Austro Pop” for the past 25 years, furthermore Mario Berger is an absolute virtuoso when it comes to classical and Latin American music.

Martin Moro & Mario Berger:  (© Moro)

Mario Berger and Martin Moro met in 2008 while working on the album “Because of you” by AnneMarie Höller & Mario Berger. Out of this mutual appreciation, a plan was hatched to create an evening program together. Duo and solo, they take the listener on a journey around the world of acoustic guitar.

From Delta blues and fingerstyle, to rumba and Mozart, from Hawaiian slide guitar and ragtime, to bossa and Italian waltzes.
Upheld by their personalities and individual witty banter, these two virtuosos present a sublime musical richness without losing themselves to randomness. It's all about enthusiastically making music without letting any of the usual alpha leader greed get in the way.
Their motto is to enjoy music with each other instead of competing against one another.

One Evening. Two Guitars.

selected from the program “one world – two guitars"

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