„Sir“ Oliver Mally & Martin Moro
"Live Incidents" - Double Album

„Sir“ Oliver Mally & Martin Moro: Live Incidents Double Album:  (© Martin Moro)

2017| office4music.com
recording, mixing
acoustic- & resonator guitars, mandolin

Martin Moro "Joy"

2015 | martin moro music | distribution hoanzl
producer, arrangements, recording, mix
acoustic-, resonator- electric guitars, 4-& 5-string banjo, mandolin, fretless bass, percussion, tin & low whistles, jawharp, programming, weissenborn, merlin, keys, dobro, strumstick

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"Sir" Oliver Mally "SHAPESHIFTER"

2015 | monkey music
producer, arrengements, recording, mix

acoustic-, electric-, classical-, resonator- and baritone guitars, mandolin, bass, 4-& 5-string banjo, dobro, lap steel, strumstick, jaw harp, percussions, keys, programming, tin whistle

Martin Moro "polished - The Breedlove Sessions"

2014 | martin moro music

ac. Guitars, ukulele, mandolin, ac. bass
Distribution: office4music.com

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Song "on nu' year's eve"

2014 |
ac. & highstring guitar, fretless bass, Breedlove "Weissenborn" guitar, keys, percussion
mix, arrangement, producer

Song "on nu' year's eve"  by "Sir" Oliver Mally & Martin Gasselsberger on "This is the season"

Alina Flatscher "Victorious"

2013 | Flatscher
ac. guit., Breedlove "Weissenborn" guitar, mandolin, bass, percussion, keys
mix, producer, arrangement

Oliver Mally "ol' dogs, nu yard"

2010 | hoanzl
ac. & e.-guitars, baritone- & resonator guitars, mandolin, fretless bass, keys, percussion, ukulele, bouzouki, jaw harp, 5string banjo, dobro, strumstick, mandola, tin whistle, alto banduria, backing vocals
arrangements, recording, mix, producer


Martin Buchholz "Wenn ein Moment vom Himmel fällt"

2008 | Kreuz Verlag/Herder Audio
ac. & e-guitars, baritone guitar, bass, ukulele, cuatro, percussion, keys, jaw harp, mandolin, dobro, low whistle, tin whistle, 4 string banjo,
arrangements, producing, mix

Hannes Hager ":herz"

2007 | hager records
ac. & e-guitars, baritone guitar, class. guitar, mandolin, ukulele, strumstick, national, fretless bass, jawharp, percussion, programming, backings, keys, tin whistle
arrangements, producing, recording, mix

Martin Moro „Hambrug”

2006 | Extraplatte | EX728-2; Vertrieb für D: Wonderland Records (WR 9044)
ac. & e-guitars, baritone & resonator guitars, vocals, fretless bass, ukulele, mandolin, low- & tin whistles, percussion, soprano clarinet, keys, programming, 4 string banjo

Hambrug on Amazon

Danny Scott "only when it's time"

2004 | Extraplatte EX 668-2
ac. & e-guitars, baritone & resonator guitars, resonator mandolin, low whistle, bass, ghatam, shakers, mandolin percussion, programming, accordion
liverecording, composition, arrangement, producer, mix

Martin Buchholz „Alles Liebe”

2004 | Felsenfest Verlag CD 943 296
ac. & e-guitars, baritone & resonator guitars, ukulele, fretless bass, udu, ghatam, shakers, tamb, pizza box, djembe, spring drum, dumbek, programming, low whistle, backup vocals
arrangement, producer, mix

Gmoapartie "step by step"

2003 | homerun music
ac. & e-guitar, bass, mandolin, 4-string banjo, 10- string bouzouki, accordion, low whistle, tin whistle, programming, soprano clarinet, backing vocals, djembe, udu, shaker, tambourin, gatam, arrangements, producing, mix

Squadune live "Black forest Tales"

2002 | Extraplatte EX 554-2
ac. guitar, 10 string bouzouki, mandolin, cajon, tambourin, co-producer

Martin Buchholz & Martin Moro „Lebensläufer”

2000 | Felsenfest Verlag CD 943 272
ac. & e-guitar, bass, mandolin, tin & low whistle, resonator guitar, classical & baritone guitar, lap steel, 4- & 5-string banjo, udu, shaker, tambourin, gatam, cajon, accordion, lead & backing vocals
composer, arrangements, producing, mix

Lebensläufer on Amazon

Tom Rohm "Guitar Generation"

2000 | Extraplatte EX 443-2
ac. & e-guitars, highstring & resonator guitars, bass, lap steel, darabuka, udu, handdrum, shaker, programming, mandolin, 5- string banjo, tin whistle, accordion
arrangements, producing, mix

Squadune "Invasion of the Macho Chest"

1998 | Extraplatte EX 345-2
ac. guitar, 10 string bouzouki, 4- string banjo, mandolin, bass, shaker, udu,
composer, arrangement, co-producer

"Herz in der Hand - Hoffnungslieder"

1998 | Felsenfest Verlag | CD 943 252
ac. & e-guitars, bass, programming, dobro, tin whistle, resonator guitar, 4 string banjo, lap steel, 10 string bouzouki, darabuka, shaker, tambourin,  mandolin
arrangements, co-producer

Martin Moro "scenes"

1997 | Extraplatte ex 2782 cd
ac. & e-guitars, fretless bass, mandolin, 10 string bouzouki, dobro, lead & backing voc, keys, programming
composition, arrangement, producing

Scenes on Amazon

Quodlibet „heiter bis folkig”

1997 | Pila music CD 27296-2
ac. & e-guitars, bass, mandolin, tin whistle, 5-string banjo, 10-string bouzouki, vocals
arrangement, co-producer

Graymalkin „Paniert”

1996 | KDC Records | KDC 10104
ac. & e-guitars, mandolin, 4 string Banjo, programming, resonator guitar
arrangements, co-producer

Zwiezupf "Collage"

1995 | Extraplatte | EX 228-2
ac. guitar, bass, composer, producer

Martin Moro "odds & ends"

1992 | Extraplatte EX 168 CD
ac. guitar, mandolin, 10-string bouzouki, octave mandolin, tin whistle, bass, keyboards
composer, producer


1990 | Die Mühle | CD 851 011
ac. guitar, arrangement, composer, co-producer

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