2015 | Production and release of the 5th solo album  "Joy - an acoustic Christmas celebration". Production and release of the album "Shapeshifter" by "Sir" Oliver Mally. A solo concert from the ORF Radiocafé was broadcasted on Ö1 in April.

Studio work for Clemens Bittlinger, the Rinks, and SOLOzuVIERT.
Duo concerts with "Sir" Oliver Mally, also with Mario Berger, and the ZWIEZUPF reMORTAL tour with Hannes Urdl, band concerts with the Catering Absorbers, as well as trio concerts with "Sir" Oliver Mally and Martin Gasselsberger.
Solo concerts in Austria and Germany, as well as the Christmas Tour in December throughout Austria and Switzerland. TV live appearance at ORF’s "Licht ins Dunkel" show together with "Sir" Oliver Mally.

2014 |  Live: solo concerts in Austria and Germany. Duo concerts with Hubert Dohr. Trio concerts with "Sir" Oliver Mally and Martin Gasselsberger. Band concerts with the Catering Absorbers.
Studio: production of the 4th solo album "Polished - The Breedlove Sessions". Studio work for the song "Scream" by The Uptown Monotones.

2013 |  Live: solo concerts in Austria, Germany and Italy (including guitar festival Neuburg a.d. Donau together with Ralf Illenberger, Peter Autschbach, Werner Hucks, and guitar festival Dresden together with Clive Carroll and Detlef Bunke). Trio concerts with "Sir" Oliver Mally and Martin Gasselsberger. Band concerts with Landluft, the Catering Absorbers. Trio tour through Austria and Germany together with Jeanine Noyes (CAN) and Willi Platzer. Clinics for Breedlove Guitars in Germany and Belgium. Studio: Production of the song "on nu' Year's Eve" by "Sir" Oliver Mally and Martin Gasselsberger for the album "This is the Season", production of the songs "Victorious" and "Good Times" for Alina Flatscher (NY).

2012 |  Live: solo concerts in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy (among them Frankfurt Music Fair, Madame Guitar Festival, Italy, guitar festival Edenkoben (GER) with Clive Carroll). Duo concerts with "Sir" Oliver Mally as well as with Mario Berger, band appearances with the Catering Absorbers, and Landluft. Clinics for Breedlove Guitars.
Studio: appearance as studio musician for the album "Novo Dia" by Mario Berger and AnneMarie Höller.

2011 |  The album "ol´Dogs, nu Yard" by "Sir" Oliver Mally which was produced by Martin Moro, gets voted „Album of the Year“ by music magazine "Concerto".
Live: solo concerts, duo concerts together with Mario Berger, as well as with Oliver Mally (e.g. ORF Radiokulturhaus, brodcasted on Austrian National Radio), band  concerts with Steirermen Connection II, the Catering Absorbers, trio concerts with Oliver Mally and Martin Gasselsberger. Workshops, Clinics for Breedlove Guitars.
Production of the Video Series "The Breedlove Sessions".
Studio: work for Stockfisch Records, as well as for the album "Vom Kopf zum Herz" by Thorsten Waap.

2010 |  Live: solo concerts, duo concerts together with Oliver Mally as well as with Mario Berger, guest appearance with Glenn Kaiser. Band concerts with Landluft and the Catering Absorbers.
Workshops at ArtCross, Schönblick Arts Conference. Clinics for Breedlove Guitars (Bodytalk Tour).
Studio: Production of the song "Everything's Alright" by Willy Hackl.

2009 |  Live: Concerts with Steirermen Connection II, the Catering Absorbers, Landluft, extended touring throughout Austria, Germany, France and Italy with the solo program "Bluesy Christmas". Duo concerts with Oliver Mally, as well as trio together with Martin Gasselsberger.
Studio: Production of the album "ol' dogs, nu yard" by "Sir" Oliver Mally, work as arranger, mixer and studiomusician for the album "Voices of God".

2008 |  Live: various solo appearances, concerts with Steirermen Connection II, Landluft, Catering Absorbers, touring Germany with Martin Buchholz.
Studio: Mix and work as studio-musician for the album "Because of You" by AnneMarie Höller und Mario Berger, production of five tracks for the album "Fallen Rainbow” by Danny Scott, studio work for the album "Leaving at Dawn" by Allan Taylor.

2007 |  Live: Concerts with Squadune, Landluft, as well as solo concerts throughout Austria, Germany, Italy and France. TV live concert on H1.
Studio: Production of the album "Herz" by Hannes Hager from February to June. Studiowork on Austrian comedian Thomas Stipsits' solo album. Production of the album "Wenn ein Moment vom Himmel fällt" by Martin Buchholz together with Uli Kringler, studio work for the CD "Hand in Hand" by Sharona.

2006 |  Live: Several performances in Caracas and Valencia/ Venezuela with the multi-media project "HaShem-the Name". Concerts with Squadune in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy, as well as with Landluft, and the Catering Absorbers. Furthermore solo-concerts, sometimes joined by Berndt Luef (vibes) and Martin Burböck (diat. Acc.). Concert with the Canadian singer/songwriter Jeannine Noyes. "Regular" solo concerts as well as with the Christmas programme “Bluesy Christmas” in Austria and Germany.
Studio: Production of the 3rd solo-album „Hambrug“. Leading workshops for acoustic guitar and musical arrangement for bands. Composition and production of the score for Ephraim Kishon´s theatre production “es war die Lerche” by Lechthaler & Belic. Studiowork for the film score of “Die Bauernprinzessin, Teil 2” with Landluft.

2005 |  Live: Concerts with Squadune, Landluft, Jeff Johnson and Brian Dunning; tour throughout Austria, Switzerland and France with Jozef Lupták and Julee Glaub. Solo-tour with the programme “Bluesy Christmas” in December.
Studio: Composition and performance of the score for the theatre production “Loveletters" with Lechthaler & Belic. Studio work for the albums “Hallo, bunter Schmetterling” by "Die Rinks", and the album “beschenkt; studio work for Brunner & Brunner.

2004 |  Live: Concerts with Squadune, Danny Scott and solo concerts throughout Austria, Germany and France with the Christmas programme "Bluesy Christmas" in December.
Studio: Production of Martin Buchholz album, "Alles Liebe" with the German musician and producer Uli Kringler. Production of poetry and music album "only when it’s time" with Danny Scott. Co-musicians: Jozef Luptàk, Willi Platzer (percussion).

2003 |  Live: Tours with Squadune, Martin Buchholz and solo concerts. Plays in the international Arts Conference Mittersill (Austria) in a concert with the American singer Julee Glaub. "Adventskalender"-Tour with Carola Laux, Sarah Kaiser, Andi Laux, Ebi Rink und Willi Platzer.
Studio: Production of the worship album "Step by Step" with Gmoapartie.

2002 |  Live: Tours with Martin Buchholz , Squaduneand solo. Concert with the Boyz of Summer, as well as guest musician with The Shenanigans.
Studio: Recording of the Live album, "Black Forest Tales" with Squadune, studio musician with the archive music production "odd & quirky”.

2001 |  Live: Tours with Martin Buchholz and Squadune, interspersed with solo concert. Co-performer with the American singer/songwriter Don Newby. At the end of the year, concert together with singer/songwriter Jeff Johnson (USA), "Nightnoise" flutist/piper Brian Dunning (IRL), and the exceptional cellist, Jozef Luptàk (SK). Name of Project: Boyz of Summer.
Studio: Studio musician with the children’s radio play "Churchie Peter",  Studio musician for the album "Einfach nur so" from the Rinks. Workshops for the acoustic guitar and band arrangement at the Arts Conference at Schloss Mittersill (Austria), as well as BATL (Bring the Arts to Life.") in Bad Leonfelden, Austria.

2000 |  Live: Numerous solo concerts in Austria and Germany.
Studio: Studio musician for Xtraordinary and Shenanigans. Production of the album "Lebensläufer" of the German TV journalist and singer/songwriter Martin Buchholz.

1999 |  Studio: Production of the Album "Guitar Generation" from Tom Rohm. Studio musician on the Children CDs "Viele bunte Fäden" and "Lustige Reisegeschichten" and composition "Daniel si di Layon”. Recording with the sextet Insingizi Emnyama from Zimbabwe.

1998 |  Reunion of the Folk group Squadune, this time as a Trio, together with Hubert Dohr and violinist Kurt Bauer (from Deishovida).
Production of the Squadune album "Invasion of the Macho Chests." Work as studio musician, co-producer, and arranger of the album "Herz in der Hand", together with Eberhard Rink. Jingle production for the program "Nightlight Radio" on Radio RTL, tour with Quodlibet, studio musician for "Die drei vom Ast".

1997 | Two tours with Quodlibet. Solo tours
CD "Heiter Bis Folkig" with Quodlibet. Worked as a studio musician and arranger on Rink Familie-CD "Hier in unserer Straße" as well as children’s productions like "Die drei vom Ast", "Schau, da kommt der Sandmann" and "Let´s kläx."  

1996 |  Live: Tour with Quodlibet
Studio: Production of the Graymalkin album "Paniert", musical involvement in the Musical "David" in Germany. Release of his second solo album “Scenes”.

1995 |  Besides solo work, member of the group Graymalkin, tours with Quodlibet, release of the Quodlibet album “Heiter bis Folkig”.

1994 |  Live: Final tour with Zwiezupf. Musketeer on tour with the musicsonglyrikdanceandclowntroop Quodlibet across Germany.
Studio: Works as arranger for an ORF production in February. Production of the final Zwiezupf album, "Collage". Plays with violinist Andi Safer (Aniada a Noar) on "Gwoxn", an album which won the German Recording Critics Award.

1993 |  Leaves the workforce to devote himself to music full-time. His album "Odds & Ends" makes the rounds and enjoys a positive response from ORF (Austrian Radio) and the press. The program, Ö1 (Austrian Radio 1) describes him at one point as “the most virtuoso Austrian Folk and Blues guitarist”.

1992 |  Resolves to record the growing ideas and compositions on a solo album. Resolution carried out: album recording between the beginning and middle of September. In addition, composition and recording of the Theme Song for the Russian T.V. series "Come To Me".

1990 |  Production of the CD/MC "zwiezupf”. Besides working with Zwiezupf, Martin is involved as a studio musician in the productions of local Folk groups. One of the musketeers of the newly-formed Folk quartet Squadune, together with Michael Krusche and Andi Safer from Aniada a Noar as well as Hubert Dohr. Further sporadic performances with the American singer and songwriter, Chuck LeMonds.

1988-1992|  Concerts with Zwiezupf are performed throughout Austria, Germany, Italy, and Hungary.

1987 |  Plays his own guitar concerts. Just back from performing at the Folk & Blues Festival in Luxemburg, he meets the accomplished guitarist Hannes Urdl. After some heavy shop talk, an acoustic guitar duo is suggested. 25 December: After 14 hours of non-stop picking, the guitar duo Zwiezupf is born.

1982 |  The Blues stagnate! First experience with finger-picking. Martin buys finger picks, a capo and bottleneck, and practices madly on his hapless concert guitar. This results in a decreased production of math homework, which in turn means a rare item sought by teachers, resulting in high prices on the blackmarket in the smoky teacher’s lounge.

1980 |  Frustrated with Sor, Scheit, Carcassi, and Götze, Martin prematurely ends his studies at the Conservatory.
The Blues call him (or so he says).

1977 |  Receives his first guitar as a gift, and gains enthusiasm for the blues, but is sentenced to learning classical guitar.

1974 |  Ambitions as a guitarophile are born, but he first spends two years learning the recorder.

1968 |  Martin hits the world stage with guttural tones (primarily acapella)

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